How to Make Personalized Glass Christmas Ornaments

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Making Personalized Glass Christmas Ornaments

digital photo christmas ornnamentThis year we gave out glass ornaments with the children’s photos inside of the ornaments.  To make them, follow these directions:

  • Buy some glass ornaments from  Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc (sometimes $3.99/12)
  • Measure the diameter of the ornament
  • Open Microsoft Word and insert your photo onto your document.
  • Insert a shape onto the document and resize it so it is transparent and the diameter is the size of your ornament.
  • Drag your shape onto your picture
  • Print your photos on a transparency sheet of paper or vellum sheet of paper
  • Cut out the shape (your picture should be behind the shape)
  • Open your ornaments by carefullyremove the top.  (Be careful because the glass is sometime jagged underneath)
  • Roll up your shape and drop it into the ornament.
  • It should pop open and fit perfectly into the ornament.
  • Glue the top back on.  (again be careful because it may be sharp on the top)

More detailed instructions can be found here:

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